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MathWorks MATLAB R2018a Update 5 Mac 多語言中文註冊版
MathWorks MATLAB 應用廣泛,其中包括信號處理和通信、圖像和視頻處理、控制系統、測試和測量、計算金融學及計算生物學等眾多應用領域。在各行業和學術機構中,有一百多萬工程師和科學家使用 MATLAB 這一技術計算語言。Simulink 是一個面向多域仿真並和基於模型設計的框模塊圖環境。它支持系統級設計、仿真、自動代碼生成以及嵌入式系統的連續測試和驗證。

MathWorks MATLAB R2018a 包含一系列的 MATLAB 和 Simulink 新功能。R2018a 包括兩個新產品:用於設計和測試狀態監控和預測性維護算法的 Predictive Maintenance Toolbox,集成了三維虛擬環境的車輛動態性能建模和仿真工具箱Vehicle Dynamics Blockset。除了 MATLAB 和 Simulink 中的新功能和新產品以外,此發行版還包括 94 個其他產品的更新和修補程序。

MATLAB 產品系列更新包括:


用於高級軟件開發的 App (UI) 測試框架、C++ MEX 接口、自定義 Tab 鍵自動填充和函數助手
MATLAB Online:
用於與 USB 網絡攝像機通信的硬件連接
Econometrics Toolbox:
用於執行時序分析、規格測試、建模和診斷的 Econometric Modeler App
Image Processing Toolbox:
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox:
Optimization Toolbox:


Neural Network Toolbox:
用於導入在 TensorFlow-Keras 中設計的深度學習層和網絡的支持包
用於求解回歸問題以及利用 Text Analytics Toolbox 進行文本分類的長短期記憶 (LSTM) 網絡
用來改進網絡訓練的 Adam、RMSProp 和梯度裁剪算法
使用多個 GPU 並計算中間層激活,加快對有向無環圖 (DAG) 的訓練
Computer Vision System Toolbox:
用來自動標記各個像素實現語義分割的 Image Labeler App
GPU Coder:
用於採用有向無環圖 (DAG) 拓撲的網絡和預訓練網絡(如 GoogLeNet、ResNet 和 SegNet)的 CUDA 代碼生成
用於 Intel 和 ARM 處理器上深度學習網絡的 C 代碼生成


Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox:
在 Classification Learner App 中使用散點圖的高密度數據可視化
用於大數據的核 SVM 回歸分析算法、混淆矩陣計算以及非分層分區的交叉驗證
Text Analytics Toolbox:
多詞短語提取和計數、HTML 文本提取以及句子、電子郵件地址和 URL 檢測
用於大型數據集的隨機 LDA 模型訓練
Predictive Maintenance Toolbox:

Simulink 產品系列更新包括:


Simulation Pacing可指定仿真速度,將仿真時間指定為與實際時間或其他時間一致,從而獲得仿真運行時間與指定時間對應的體驗
Simulink 3D Animation:

MathWorks introduced an update to Release 2018a (R2018a) with a range of new capabilities and fixed bugs in MATLAB and Simulink. Base Release R2018a includes two new products, Predictive Maintenance Toolbox for designing and testing condition monitoring and predictive maintenance algorithms, and Vehicle Dynamics Blockset for modeling and simulating vehicle dynamics in a virtual 3D environment. In addition to new features in MATLAB and Simulink, and the new products, this release also includes updates and bug fixes to 94 other products.

About MATLAB. MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. Typical uses include:
– Math and computation
– Algorithm development
– Modeling, simulation, and prototyping
– Data analysis, exploration, and visualization
– Scientific and engineering graphics
– Application development, including Graphical User Interface building
MATLAB is an interactive system whose basic data element is an array that does not require dimensioning. This allows you to solve many technical computing problems, especially those with matrix and vector formulations, in a fraction of the time it would take to write a program in a scalar noninteractive language such as C or Fortran.
The name MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. MATLAB was originally written to provide easy access to matrix software developed by the LINPACK and EISPACK projects, which together represent the state-of-the-art in software for matrix computation.
MATLAB has evolved over a period of years with input from many users. In university environments, it is the standard instructional tool for introductory and advanced courses in mathematics, engineering, and science. In industry, MATLAB is the tool of choice for high-productivity research, development, and analysis.
MATLAB features a family of application-specific solutions called toolboxes. Very important to most users of MATLAB, toolboxes allow you to learn and apply specialized technology. Toolboxes are comprehensive collections of MATLAB functions (M-files) that extend the MATLAB environment to solve particular classes of problems. Areas in which toolboxes are available include signal processing, control systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic, wavelets, simulation, and many others.

About MathWorks. MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. MATLAB, the language of technical computing, is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation. Simulink is a graphical environment for simulation and Model-Based Design for multidomain dynamic and embedded systems. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on these product families to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development in automotive, aerospace, electronics, financial services, biotech-pharmaceutical, and other industries. MATLAB and Simulink are also fundamental teaching and research tools in the world’s universities and learning institutions. Founded in 1984, MathWorks employs more than 3500 people in 15 countries, with headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, USA.