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ThunderSoft Private Secure Disk 8.0.0 一款簡單方便的專用安全磁盤工具
Private Secure Disk中文破解版是一款簡單方便的專用安全磁盤工具,使用旨在幫助用戶快速創建虛擬磁盤以存儲您的個人數據,隱藏和保護您的文件和文件夾。它的原理是創建一個虛擬磁盤,您可以將您的重要或者比較隱私的個人數據存放在這裡,並且軟件和您創建的磁盤都將會收到密碼保護,沒有密碼的人無法打開軟件和您的安全磁盤,這意味著您的數據和文件也會更加的安全,並且當您關閉私有磁盤後,它將從您的計算機中消失不見,非常不錯。

Private Secure Disk create a virtual disk to storage your personal data. After close your private disk, it will disappear from your computer. This software and your private disk are both password protected, no one can open this software or your private disk without password. It's a perfect way to keep your personal data safe. This software can also create executable private disk on your USB drive, to make it more portable.

Feature List
• Password needed when open software.
• Password needed when open your private disk.
• Disappear from computer when close private disk.
• Data storaged in a encrypted file.
• Allow create private disk on USB drive.
• Allow hide files and folder.
• Allow disguise folder.
• Uninstallation password protect.