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PilotEdit 13.3.0 Multilingual 一個方便和可靠的文件編輯器
PilotEdit是一個方便和可靠的文件編輯器,旨在幫助用戶執行腳本,提取字符串和編輯大型文件。 PilotEdit是一個文件編輯器,可以幫助你搜索和替換多行文字,編輯FTP文件甚至是下載和上傳的FTP文件和目錄。 用PilotEdit文件編輯只是變得更容易。

PilotEdit是支持開放文件大於4GB的一種先進的文本和十六進制編輯器。 它提供了可自定義的語法和關鍵字高亮,高級搜索和替換操作,自動文本編碼,256位AES加密/解密,以及一個內置的FTP客戶端,您可以打開,編輯和從FTP服務器直接上傳文件到/。

除了標準的文本編輯功能,PilotEdit可以比較和合併兩個文件大於100MB。 此外,您可以排序,查找/刪除重複的行,並收集了字符串的文件大於1GB。

PilotEdit is a handy and reliable file editor designed to help users to execute scripts, extract strings and edit large files. PilotEdit is a file editor that will help you search and replace multi line text, edit FTP files or even download and upload FTP files and directories. With PilotEdit file editing just became easier. PilotEdit is an advanced text and hex editor that supports opening of files larger than 4GB. It offers customizable syntax and keyword highlighting, advanced search and replace operations, automatic text encoding, 256-bit AES encryption/decryption, and a built-in FTP client lets you open, edit and upload files directly to/from an FTP server........