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Take Command

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Take Command v20.00.18 註冊版附註冊碼-命令行處理器
Take Command是一個全面交互式GUI和命令行,使Windows命令提示和批處理文件更加輕鬆強大。Take Command將你的命令行使用卡是窗口和可選資源管理器風更進行整合,為你的文件夾在視覺上更加直觀。Take Command包括數百個主要改進,對CMD命令如複製、刪除、DIR等,增加了140多個命令,批處理文件IDE/debugger和眾多其他功能。我 們深信,在90天的試用期內發現我們的產品對你來說不可或缺。

Take Command 20.00.18 註冊版附註冊碼-命令行處理器

JPSoft Take Command是非常流行的命令行處理器4DOS的32位Windows替代品。Take Command具有4DOS的所有功能,另外它還增加了某些圖形特徵,例如:向回滾動的緩衝區,可定製的工具欄,通過下拉菜單訪問公共命令。 「Caveman」功能使你能夠直接在Take Command窗口中運行有滾動輸出的字符模式應用程序。

Take Command具有4DOS的所有功能,另外它還增加了某些圖形特徵,例如:向回滾動的緩衝區,可定製的工具欄,通過下拉菜單訪問公共命令。Caveman功能使你能夠直接在Take Command窗口中運行有滾動輸出的字符模式應用程序(例如:PKZip或XCOPY)。

Take Command is a comprehensive interactive GUI and command line environment that makes using the Windows command prompt and creating batch files easy, fasterm and far more powerful. Take Command displays your command line applications in tabbed windows, with optional File Explorer-style integration for a visual look at your directories. Take Command includes hundreds of major enhancements to CMD commands such as COPY, DEL, DIR, and MOVE, and adds 170+ new commands, 640+ internal variables and functions, a batch file IDE / debugger, advanced command line editing and programmable tab completion, and thousands of other features.

Take Command v20.00.18 註冊版附註冊碼-命令行處理器

What's New in Version 20.0


The Take Command v20.0 installer now combines the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Take Command in a single installer (TCMD.EXE).

Take Command v20.0 is using new version of Advanced Installer.

Take Command:

Take Command v20 has a new combined help file and viewer TCHELP.EXE, which replaces the compiled HTML help (TCMD.CHM). TCHELP combines the benefits of the CHM and WebHelp formats, and has some features unavailable in either CHM or WebHelp, including:

•Unlike WebHelp, TCHELP comes in a single file

•Unliike CHM files, TCHELP is optimized for high-resolution displays

•TCHELP can be opened from network drives on local networks

•Repeated calls to TCHELP open in the same help window

Take Command v20.0 has extensive internal revisions to make it smaller and faster.

Take Command v20.0 is using a new version of the GUI framework.

Take Command v20.0 is using a new version of the Scintilla edit control (for the IDE / batch debugger and the Take Command Command Input window).

Take Command v20.0 will now automatically resize the (hidden) console font size to avoid a problem with Windows restricting the maximum console window size (and thus the effective tab window size) based on the size of the default console font. (This is normally only an issue with high resolution monitors.)

Take Command v20.0 now optionally supports ANSI escape sequences in all console applications (not just for TCC internal commands). See the TCC section below for details on what ANSI sequences are supported.

The Take Command tabbed toolbar buttons have an additional 「Tooltip」 option to set the tooltip that will pop up when you hover over the button.  (If you don't set a tooltip, Take Command will display the full command name.)

The Take Command 「Options / Configuration / Take Command / Register」 dialog has new options to request a manual activation key (for computers that do not have internet access) and to unregister Take Command on a computer.

The Take Command Registration dialog (displayed at startup time for trial versions) has a new option to request a manual activation key for computers that do not have internet access.

The Oniguruma regular expression library in Take Command has been replaced with Onigmo. There are a number of additions in Character types, Extended groups. Back References, and Subexp calls. See Regular Expression Syntax for details.