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Lynda com Up and Running with Photoshop for Design 英文版 DVD 出品的時長3小時36分的Photoshop設計基礎培訓視頻教程。教學簡略地介紹了Adobe公司的旗艦圖像編輯軟件Photoshop,主要是面向平面藝術設計愛好者。由Deke McClelland演示在盡可能短的時間內如何設計出有活力的藝術作品。內容包括選擇,遮罩,圖層,類型,效果,繪畫和智能對象等基礎知識。本教程附帶練習文件。

Up and Running with Photoshop for Design is a streamlined introduction to Adobe's flagship image-editing application, specifically geared to lovers of graphic art and design. Expert Deke McClelland shows how to make designs and artwork come alive, in the shortest time possible. The course covers the basics of selections, masks, layers, type, effects, painting, and smart objects. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
Getting around an image
Creating accurate selections
Creating a layered composition
Scaling and rotating layers
Creating realistic layer effects
Painting with the brush tool
Tracing outlines with the pen tool
Creating editable effects with smart filters
Saving an image and preparing it for print



Welcome 01m 34s

20m 27s
1. Understanding the Image File Starting an image 06m 51s
Getting around the image 07m 23s
Understanding selections and layers 06m 13s

23m 23s
2. Selecting and Compositing Using the Marquee and Lasso tools 08m 03s
Selecting areas of color 08m 22s
Refining selected edges 06m 58s

43m 35s
3. Working with Layers Creating layers 08m 56s
Blending layers 08m 07s
Moving and duplicating 06m 56s
Scaling and rotating 05m 39s
Duplicating a series of layers 07m 15s
Moving a layer into a new background 06m 42s

31m 05s
4. Working with Type and Effects Creating and formatting type 07m 29s
Adding a drop shadow 05m 16s
Carving type into a background 03m 52s
Making beveled type 06m 14s
Creating true 3D type 08m 14s

32m 09s
5. Using the Paint and Pen Tools Working with the Brush tool 08m 08s
Painting inside a selection outline 05m 25s
Adding fills and gradients 09m 13s
Using the Pen tool 09m 23s

23m 21s
6. Working with Layer and Vector Masks Using a layer mask 07m 48s
Drawing vector shapes 09m 04s
Creating clipping masks 06m 29s

25m 07s
7. Using Smart Objects and Filters Placing an image as a Smart Object 08m 57s
Applying a Smart Filter 07m 35s
Creating a Smart Filter effect 08m 35s

14m 53s
8. Saving and Prepress Saving your image 07m 08s
Preparing your image for print 07m 45s

01m 12s
Conclusion Next steps 01m 12s